The tinted shades are back ... and they are here to stay!

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The tinted shades are back ... and they are here to stay!

What is going on with the tinted sunnies this year? They seem to be popping everywhere, and guess what people? They are here to stay. This new trend is taking us back from the 70's to the 90's because we have seen them in various shapes and sizes. From aviators 70's style, to the 90's "bad taste is the new taste" kinds of styles (if you know what I mean).

As a trend addict I spotted these bad boys for the first time in the United Kingdom back in March 2017 during spring break. The colors that I kept seeing the most were yellow and clear. Before getting further in the topic, let me stop for a second and remind you that the United Kingdom is cold year round in most places. The weather is is not the best one to rock sunglasses since its mostly cloudy year round and EVERYBODY I repeat EVERYBODY was wearing them in and outdoors.

I am so excited that Garment Society has brought this trend  in our Freedie aviator style featuring 4 colors: Yellow, clear, orange and blue. Can you guess where we got the name? The one and only Freddie Mercury from the british band Queen was our inspiration for this super fun trend. The best part is that they are only $16 with FREE SHIPPING! Our inspiration of this trend was to pair this particular look with the Lola Two piece set giving it a 70's retro sleazy-chic look.

Vogue recently published an article about these amazing shades where they show different ways to wear them as well as the designers and runways that are adopting this trend into their collections. 


In VOGUE we trust, so drop your dark shades and start seeing the world in a brighter color!