Give Me That SUEDE!

Give Me That SUEDE!

Hello my Fashion readers. I am back and alive. I had not been ale to make this post but I have been dying to post it already. If you live in Houston you would agree that these last couple of weeks have been awful for a lot of people. We went through something that I had personally had never experienced before. We got a lot of water and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. For the people that are reading this, I hope you and your family are okay. Texas really showed me how kind, caring and amazing people are. So sorry about  the late post work has been a little crazy. Anyways.. moving into something a little brighter, let's check out these suede pieces to die for. 

I went to a party last weekend and I wore this outfit that I loved. If you know me and my style people will associate me with a boho 70's look. This outfit was one of those that you proudly want to show off on instagram. I wanted to go for a Coachella look and I feel like I couldn't have done it better with my suede pieces. 

This Suede outfit was very comfortable and easy to wear. Here is the link to check out a couple of the pieces. Caroline Suede Crossbody by Garment Society, Freddie aviators by Garment Society, Suede Studded Skirt by Forever 21, Band Tee by Forever 21 and shoes by Steve Madden.

I cannot get enough of the Freddie Aviators. They are so fun to wear with this type of outfit. If you are not so sure about wearing the clear ones yet start with the yellow ones. 

Here is a trick to have the perfect t-shirt knot. Buy clear small hair rubber bands. They will make your tee shirt knots amazing and easy to do and undo.


The Carolina Crossbody was the perfect accessory to add to this look because it has the camel color of the suede, the gold of the chain to match the studs and the orange to work as a pop of color keeping it in the warm tones scheme.


The yellow tinted shades add a perfect tint in the warm tones to go with the camel color of the skirt, shoes.

The way that I think this look works the best is t have a chunky shoe. I would stay away from stilettos and wedges. The 70's were all about chunky shoes and platforms and this shoe has it all.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions!