Embrace the Embroidery

Embrace the Embroidery


Hello sunshine and welcome back to the good stuff. This blog post contains good reasons on why we should embrace the embroidery and why we should keep it in our wardrobe. We are so into embroidery at the moment that we decided to implement it on day and night apparel. Designers like Gucci have been adding motifs and embroidered applications into their handbags and jackets to add colorful and fun accents to their pieces. 

Casual ways to wear embroidery 

Beautiful patterns of flowers, leaves, and other intriguing designs are portrayed in the first outfit. I love the "too much" in certain situations and in this case I love the "too much embroidery." The outfit posted consisted of the following items: the Delilah Handbag, the Valentina Sunnies, and Ombre Tassel Earrings by Garment Society. Over sized embroidered top by Zara, skinny jeans and loafers by Forever 21. This top is very fun and very easy to keep in your closet. It's a button down and long sleeve which is work acceptable in most office settings. It's white cotton keeping you fresh which is handy if you live in a hot place like me (AKA Houston ;) ). You can wear this look as in the pictures shown below for a casual look. 


Number 1 rule of fashion forward items: DON'T DISS IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT, and this is a low key hint about the shoes. This style of shoe is coming in after Gucci came out with their fabulous embroidered loafers. Some people seem to like them but they don't know exactly know how to rock these babes. Here is my number 1 tip for wanting to wear this type of shoe: Make sure that the jeans fit properly at the bottom so the shoe can work! Skinny jeans can be very tricky and you want to find a pair that works for the shoe. There is nothing that I hate more about skinny jeans than when they're scrunched up at the bottom, and you are trying to avoid that with the loafer look. Make sure you find skinny jeans that fit tight and are cropped to the ankle. The ones that I am wearing are Forever 21 Petite Skinny jeans. I like buying petite so I can make sure that they are shorter rather than longer.

The Accessories

This is my favorite part whoop! There are many many combinations for the perfect accessories that you can incorporate into this look. In this case I wanted to wear the Yellow Ombre Tassel earrings because they are so fun ! These earrings are very lightweight and most of the times I prefer wearing an earring statement rather than necklaces or bracelets. The Delilah Crossbody is Garment Society's favorite item. This unique piece can be worn in a variety of ways to make a statement, it comes in two colors, black and white and either one would have been great with this look. 

I hope you like the outfits! click on each image to buy these goodies!

Thank You for reading !